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Acceptance Form

Please complete this form as a formal acceptance to participate in the Culturally Travel study abroad program.

By filling out this form,
I agree to the following terms & conditions:
  • I agree to participate in the Culturally Travel program for which I applied. 

  • I agree to pay the total amount for the Culturally Travel program I applied for (details below).

    • Mexico $5,500​ for the VIP Experience OR $3,500 for the EX Experience

    • Colombia $4,500

    • Spain & Portugal $6,800

  • I also understand that in the case of an extreme circumstance, if I have to withdraw from the program, Culturally Travel will refund me the amount I have paid, minus the cost for the processing of $500. 

  • I understand that the Advance Parole Form I-131 cost of $575 is a separate fee paid directly to the Department of Homeland Security and that there are no refunds in the extreme case I choose to withdraw. 

  • I agree to hire a licensed immigration attorney to represent me legally on my Advance Parole Form I-131 form and take on any additional costs associated with the attorney. 

  • I understand that Culturally Travel will provide me with recommendations for licensed immigration attorneys, but I am responsible for making the final decision and entering into an agreement with them. 

  • I understand I must have a valid passport from my country of origin to travel. 

  • I understand that I must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have proof during my travels. 

  • I acknowledge that Culturally Travel will purchase flights to my travel destination and back into my designated city in the United States, and I understand I must travel back with the group.

  • I understand that if I purposefully miss my flight, Culturally Travel is not responsible for any additional fees associated with this event. 

Have you identified an immigration attorney that will represent you during your Advance Parole process (form I-131)?

Please select a payment option.

Culturally Mexico will invoice you according to what you select.

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