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Payment Portal

Participants who are accepted can pay for the program using any major debit & credit card.

Payment Process:

Upon acceptance to the program, participants can pay the total program costs to Culturally México of $4,500. 

We can also accept 4 payments broken down in the following manner:

  • Upon acceptance into the program, participants have 15 days to provide a $750 deposit in order to secure their spot. 

  • Followed by 3 payments of $1,250 by 4/15/2022, 5/15/2022, and 6/15/2022.

Additionally, participants will need to pay for:

  • The Advance Parole application (form I-131) filing cost is $575 and attorney fees may vary depending on on the firm. 


  • Culturally México has identified accredited and affordable immigration firms that can assist accepted participants in successfully completing this process. 

    • The cost associated with form I-131 and legal representation will be paid directly to the immigration attorney. 

    • Note: some immigration firms might be willing to represent accepted participants on a pro bono basis. This means participants will only need to pay for their I-131 application fee ($575). 


We want all participants to feel safe while traveling on advance parole and therefore, Culturally México is requiring participants have an accredited immigration attorney represent them on form I-131.

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